Effect of (Future) Technologies on Learning

The Social Media Professional

Originally published on Apr 25, 2014 at Learning Technologies

Brian Solis, Principal, Altimeter Group

“At work, and in our lives, we face a daily onslaught of new devices and tidal waves of information, opinion and noise. Digital analyst and anthropologist Brian Solis is an expert in the effects of technology on the behaviour of both businesses and individuals. Join him in this insightful, challenging keynote, as he explores the impact of technology today and its likely future implications. Brian will explore how the way we connect and communicate has fundamentally altered…everything.

Brian Solis speaks about how this impacts the world of workplace learning both today and tomorrow. How does social media affect the way we learn and interact with each other? If information is now costless, ubiquitous and instant, what does this mean for a profession once centred on giving people access to information? And, crucially, if people behave differently…

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