Mobile First Design: Wave of the Future?


Mobile First Design: Wave of the Future? image mobilefirst blog.jpg 300x297Is it time to embrace mobile first design?

Traditionally many designers, developers and clients tackle the desktop side of a website first; saving mobile as an afterthought, or maybe as a phase two that never happens. However in the past few years, a new philosophy has been introduced, that being designing “mobile first.” I first heard the concept of designing mobile first back in 2013, when our team headed down to South Carolina for the ConvergeSE conference. It was actually first coined by Luke Wroblewski years before that, when he began to notice an upswing of mobile web usage. The statistics are truly staggering. Of the almost 7.3 billion people inhabiting Earth right now, 48.9% use mobile internet. We are headed for a time where businesses need to put an emphasis on the mobile side, rather than relegating it to phase two.

What is mobile first anyway?

Mobile first is…

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