Will Bicycles Be Electric In 15 Years?


Will Bicycles Be Electric In 15 Years? The Copenhagen Wheel Aims For Mass Adoption image electric bike

Could electric bicycles replace the traditional bike? In 2009, MIT Researchers developed the Copenhagen Wheel, which exchanges the back tire with a power-enabled device, transforming the bike into an electric hybrid.

Just a few pedal pumps boost the bicycle up to 20mph.  When going up a hill, sensors inside the Copenhagen Wheel knocks up the power, eliminating the heaviness of the uphill trek. When braking, the motor acts as a smaller version of the Toyota Prius, slowing down and converting motion into electricity.

To transform your traditional bike into an electric, it will cost $799. This price is less than many electric bikes, but there are cheaper electric conversions already available on the open market. What makes the Copenhagen Wheel different is the design. It’s simple to install. Keeping the wheel locked means the bike can be left on city streets with little theft risk. An app also comes with the wheel…

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