This startup wants to bring sunlight indoors & make you healthier


If your home won’t fit more windows or a skylight, perhaps this is the next best thing. A startup called Sunn has developed a programmable LED light fixture that modulates light to mimic the sun’s rays throughout the day and time of year, potentially making its users feel healthier.

Sunn began as a project at Cornell University two years ago and the team has developed algorithms that control the quality and brightness of its LED light to match the season and hour. The mini sun-looking fixture brightens up in the morning when you set the wakeup time and mellows out to a yellow glow at night as you wind down to the time you’ve set for bed. It stays brighter for longer when the days of summer stretch out, and shorter during the winter months.

Sunn at noon

You can change the settings to suit your needs or desires, and you can even…

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