How Digital Dialogues Allow You To Learn From Your Learners


How Digital Dialogues Allow You To Learn From Your Learners image large 2945312054.jpg

If there is any advantage that live training has over eLearning, it’s the face-to-face interaction. In a classroom setting, an instructor can take the temperature of the audience just by scanning the room. Does the audience look bored? Captivated? Confused? The problem with that, however, is it’s not trackable. Sure, the instructor can try to make adjustments on the fly to adapt to audience response, but once the training is over there is no record of their reaction or whether the adjustment had an impact.

It’s hard to learn from that to make future training courses better. It’s not a very nimble approach, either. Fortunately, thanks to eLearning, superior methods exist.

eLearning With Digital Dialogues

What is a digital dialogue? It’s a conversation that takes place between the learner and the eLearning course they are viewing, ideally between a voice-over personality or an animated on-screen character.

The narrator of the…

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