The Computer Made Us Stupid

The Compulsive Explainer

I should actually say “It has made us even stupider than we were.” Because human stupidity has always been phenomenal – and we have always known this – in our lucid moments.

But our intelligence, in the long run, has always pulled us through. But it looks like we are not going to make it this time around. We have outsmarted ourselves with machines that seem to be smarter than we are. And this has made us afraid to think for ourselves. We are still much smarter than they are – but we can hardly think at all.

We have a new culture that has equated the Computer with God. It has become one of the idols that made the Hebrew God furious. But times and gods have changed and our new pantheon considers the Computer its pet project. And allocates unlimited funds to its development. And very little to human development.

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