With the Computer We Have Become God

The Compulsive Explainer

It has fulfilled one of our fondest aspirations: to be God, to create a world of our own – and to be treated as a god once we had created that world. But also, as it turns out, a new form of hell. We have become like our new creation: a strange kind of machine without a mind of our own – driven by forces we do not understand.

We control the actors in this world: our computers, which do exactly what we tell them to do, and cannot disobey us. They in turn (or actually, their software) fulfills our every wish. The most perfect world imaginable!

This was made possible by the invention of electricity – something we do not comprehend in the least, but something we absolutely cannot live without. And this dependency may get even worse if we successfully overcome our dependence on oil by replacing it…

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