Christmas Do’s and Don’ts for the Budget-minded

Everyday Money for Everyday People

For those on a tight budget this time of year (and who isn’t?), consider the following Christmas Spending Tips:


  1. DO save up spending money ahead of time.
  2. DO make a list and set spending limits for each person on the list.
  3. DO comparison shop.
  4. DO consider donations to charity on behalf of the one on your list who already “has everything.”
  5. DO buy holiday meal non-perishables ahead of time.


  1. DON’T carry credit cards while shopping.
  2. DON’T wait until the last minute to shop.
  3. DON’T buy expensive decorations.
  4. DON’T pay to have gifts wrapped.
  5. DON’T forget your shopping list.

Why stick to a Christmas budget? Because even Santa knows that Christmas Debt stinks!

Christmas Debt Stinks! Christmas Debt Stinks!

Merry Christmas!


Todd Christensen-Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Everyday Money for Everyday People

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