The Future of Food



Edible bugs–a novelty for many–get snackified with a wave of protein bars. Exo, Chapul and others are now selling bars made with cricket flour, a gluten-free powder that’s high in protein and healthy fats.


You can thank the paleo craze: this once pedestrian snack now comes in various lean proteins, from bison to salmon to crocodile.


Wild salmon costs a fortune, tuna can be high in mercury, and shrimp faces concerns about sustainability. So what to eat? Char. Salmon’s flavor cousin is packed with protein and is usually farmed in a way that poses minimal risk of pollution.


Fans of kale and brussels sprouts will find plenty to like in kalettes, a non-GMO hybrid with the savory flavor of its parent crops–and their nutritional qualities too.


Archaeological evidence dates wine made from honey to as far back as 7000 B.C.–and it’s about…

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