How to Drive Real-Time Revenue with Big Data


Data – we are bombarded daily with messages, statistics, news, and slogans such as “Big Data is a Big Deal”. In fact, some of us can start rattling off numbers from memory.  The buzz isn’t going away any time soon because in truth, Big Data is a Big Deal. According to Gartner, companies that invest in Big Data more than their competitors do outperform those competitors by 20% in every major metric.

The use of Big Data is becoming crucial in today’s business environment. The ability to track and evaluate anything from online purchases, social media posts, and online search history offers huge opportunities for real-time marketing and even bigger revenue.

Everybody in business struggles with data in some format, but for marketers, the challenges are particularly daunting. With so much data being generated, the real challenge is finding the right data and deriving actionable intelligence. Daniel Keys Moran, computer programmer…

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