Mobile Stats That Will Raise Your Eyebrows


mobile usage stats

eMarketer and Akamai just released the report “eMarketer Roundup: Providing a Seamless Consumer Experience,” a detailed whitepaper on:

  • The increasing use of mobile (we knew this was happening, but the numbers are shocking)
  • The rise in need for a “seamless” buyer experience, both online and offline
  • The need for more structured marketing data.

The stats that made us shiver?

eMarketer estimates that among U.S. adults, almost half (46%) of all media time in 2014 was spent with digital, up from 23% in 2010. Mobile specifically has grown from 3.7% of the total to 22.9%, in the same time. Of course, the up-and-coming generations are increasingly glued to their devices, too, with 90% admitting to having their device at all times and 80% saying it’s the first thing they touch when they wake up.

The effects on marketing are obvious: marketers must continue to plan and execute mobile-friendly…

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