How Facebook is speeding up its app for iOS and Android


You might not have noticed it, but depending on the phone platform you use, your Facebook mobile app is about 10 to 15 faster than it used to be. How’s that? Facebook has tweaked its app for both iOS and Android to render pictures and your overall News Feed faster than before.

On the [company]Apple[/company] iOS side, [company]Facebook[/company] said in a blog post on Wednesday that its software uses 10 percent less data and displays images 15 percent quicker. The company now uses the PJPEG, or Progressive JPEG, image format to display pictures. PJPEG has been around for a while in browsers and it speeds things up by having multiple scans of the same image but at different quality levels.

When an image first appears in Facebook, the app may use a lower resolution scan to display a full image quickly, which can also save on bandwidth since less data…

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