The Psychology Of Why Valentine’s Day Ruins Relationships

Valentine's Day PsychologyValentine’s Day typically serves as a time to show appreciation for that special someone in our lives or as an opportunity to take a relationship to the next level. It’s a time to celebrate love in all of its forms, but can Valentine’s Day be a dangerous time for the health of your relationship?

Valentines Day

Alternatively, rather than instigate problems in relationships, Valentine’s Day could exacerbate existing issues (known as the “catalyst hypothesis”). Basically, Valentine’s Day may be a time when all those problems that you and/or your partner might have swept under the relational rug resurface and wreak their havoc. Struggling relationships may falter under the extra pressure of the holiday. Maybe you’ve been a lousy partner all year and your poor efforts on Valentine’s Day are just the last straw. Relationships with big problems were probably headed for a breakup anyway, and Valentine’s Day just provided the extra push to get them there sooner.

Original Source – Business Insider


One thought on “The Psychology Of Why Valentine’s Day Ruins Relationships

  1. I don’t celebrate valentines day, I think if you love someone you should celebrate it all year round not wait once a year for a ridiculous overpriced meal and impersonal tacky gifts. Small (and free) acts of affection work best at all times 🙂

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