How to Learn From the Mistakes You Make in Your 20s


Your twenties are a time for finding your passions, your values, and your way in this world. At least, as much as you’re able to while also balancing friendships, dating, learning to manage your finances, and finding that dream job. Sometimes, things can go awry, and you can feel as if you’ve made a massive blunder of it all. Luckily, there are some problems that can be fixed, and some that you can learn from. Here are a few mistakes in your twenties that don’t really matter:


1. Buying that overly expensive trend piece for your wardrobe that isn’t even flattering.

The problem: We’ve all been there. You get a tax refund, you’re flush with cash, and suddenly that designer leather peplum top is calling your name! Before you know it, you’ve dropped $300 on a top that doesn’t accentuate your waist in the right place, and you never…

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