Why You Should Keep Writing By Hand

 Why Should You Keep Writing By Hand?
Why is writing so important? How did it change the world forever?

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Language is a hallmark of human achievement. Archaeologists estimate that early proto-languages were used by Homo erectus and Homo habilis over a million years ago! The first traces of the true verbal language developed between 30,000 and 100,000 years ago. Writing evolved alongside language: a new study from a Canadian researcher believes this proto-written language may be 40,000 years old. The study examined the symbols in cave paintings across Southern Europe and found repeating symbols among them, indicating there was likely some kind of writing system in use and being shared among early humans. The study even points out that there were even early forms of memes, with proof of some symbols rising and falling in popularity. The ancient Sumerian language of Cuneiform is widely believed to be the first true form of writing, having first showing up around 3000 BCE.

But language does more than facilitate expression, storytelling and coordination: Learning to write makes your brain master the fine motor movements needed to write letters and words. Reading and comprehending are also hygelimportant for brain development.

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