Data Scientists and the Practice of Data Science| By |Bob Hayes


ibminsightpanelpicI was recently involved in a couple of panel discussions on what it means to be a data scientist and the practice of data science. These discussions/debates took place at IBM Insight in Las Vegas in Late October. Moderated by Brian Fanzo, the panel included me and these data experts:

  • Andrew C. Oliver, President of Mammoth Data
  • Lillian Pierson of Data-Mania
  • Matt Ridings, CEO of SideraWorks
  • Mike Tamir, Chief Science Officer of Galvanize

I enjoyed our discussions and their take on the topic of data science. Our discussion was opened by the question ?What is the role of a data scientist in the insight economy?? You can read each of our answers to this question on IBM?s Big Data Hub. While we come from different backgrounds, there was a common theme across our answers. We all think that data science is about finding insights in data to help make better…

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