Creative Advertising Campaign – Hermit Crab

The Creative Advertising Campaign #‎ADFEST2016 Grand Lotus winner for Outdoor and Direct, ‘Shell we move?’ by Hakuhodo Kettle Inc. Tokyo used the most unlikely ambassadors for the real estate company, SUUMO.

Suumo Japan in partnership with the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology have come up with an innovative solution to the loss of sea shells on the beaches of Okinawa Japan, by creating Suumo branded artificial shell for hermit crabs.

To fully understand the brilliance of this project you need to know that Suumo is a Japanese website for people looking to rent or buy homes and apartments. Hermit crabs are the ‘masters of living’, the video says, and ‘they keep seeking out the perfect home throughout their entire lives’. To satisfy a hermit crab in selecting the perfect home, well that’s what Suumo has set out to do.

Together Suumo and students of the Tokyo University Marine Science and Oceanography departments, created the ‘Shell We Move’ project. The “home” is not a shell-shape, but “cocoon shape” which combines toughness and lightness. Its interior is made wider than usual shells so that it does not hurt hermit crabs’ delicate body, and the artificial shells are environmentally friendly as they are built from a mix of starches.

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