Wannacrypt Attack Gives the World a Wake-up Call

Somebody screwed up. Or, rather, a whole lot of people and an entire bureaucracy screwed up. On Friday May 12, the WannaCrypt ransomware attack was unleashed upon the world. The well-coordinated cyber-attack targeting Microsoft Windows operating systems infected over 200,000 computers in 150 different countries, with the software demanding ransom payments in 28 different languages. […]

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SolarGaps – World’s 1st Solar Smart Blinds

Hey there, today I’m sharing an innovative green energy and smart product called SolarGaps.
SolarGaps are engineered innovative solar blind technology to generate green energy for your home and reduce your energy bill by up to 70%, something to consider besides Tesla’s Solar Roof.

Both used at the same time, even better, greener, cheaper and efficient energy use.


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You Can’t Skip Life, Can’t Skip Us, Can’t Skip PORTUGAL

Hey there, today I’m sharing a video ad about my beautiful and inspiring country: PORTUGAL.

No matter how old you are, at some point of your life you heard, seen or even met with some Portuguese people, gastronomy, landscape, event, culture, memes or even Portuguese slangs.
You definitely heard about Cristiano Ronaldo, and Salvador Sobral’s amazing and intimist music “Amar Pelos Dois” at Eurovision 2017 for the past weeks.
No, trust me, YOU HAVE, we are EVERYWHERE, we are *HUGE*, it’s awesome
I’ll let the landscapes and actors speak for themselves, it’s a truly breathtaking video approach.

As the great Portuguese poet(s) Fernando Pessoa (or Alberto Caeiro) says: «we are the same size as what we see, and not what we have». Go, explore. Set off to see a new world, get lost amidst the light that a new place brings. You can’t skip freedom. Can’t skip youth. Can’t skip life. Can’t skip us. You can’t skip PORTUGAL.

Look to see, not to show. Go to places you don’t know. Head off in discovery. Visit Portugal 🙂

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Pedro Calado

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Hey everyone,
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