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5 Tech Skills That Will Help Any Career


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Almost every single job out there involves being online in some capacity. That means that, at some point in your career—this year or 30 years from now—you’ll likely have to access the back end of a company site, a blog, or an email marketing service.

Did that sentence scare you?

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard or as complicated as it sounds. Especially once you master a few of the basic building blocks. No, you won’t magically transform into Steve Jobs or Marissa Mayer overnight, but you can gain enough knowledge to talk credibly about website development and design. And that new knowledge might impress your current boss or a future hiring manager.

So, skip the Facebook stalking for a while and spend that time boosting your digital know-how instead. Here are five basics you can get started on right now.

1. Image Editing

Photos aren’t just for selfies and…

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5 Lições de Carreira

5 lições de carreira:

1. Criatividade
Para teres uma carreira de sucesso, é necessário que tenhas criatividade. O mercado de trabalho não está fácil. Nem sempre vais conseguir aquele emprego que sempre sonhaste da forma convencional. Além das formas convencionais e menos convencionais, é importante que possas contar com os teus contactos, garantindo que estás a fazer networking da forma correta.

2. Faz o que for necessário
Não estás qualificado para o trabalho? Qualifica-te. O mercado de trabalho é assim mesmo. Não há nada que não esteja ao teu alcance. Muito pode depender dos teus contactos, sorte e influência, mas se não tiveres garra, dificilmente sairás do mesmo lugar. Portanto, nunca te deves sentir limitado. Queres um emprego? Corre atrás.

3. Cuidado com as fofocas
Um simples comentário, uma simples brincadeira podem ser o suficiente para seres despedido. Queres colocar o teu sustento em jogo por causa de uma vontade de contar algo aos outros? segue esta regra em casa ou com os teus amigos. Guarda sempre os segredos que o teu chefe te pediu para guardar e melhora a tua imagem no trabalho: não te envolvass em intrigas.

4. Segue os teus sonhos, mas…
Qual é o maior indicador de sucesso em qualquer área? É a afinidade com ela. Quem poderá ser melhor do que tu se tu tens uma paixão por alguma coisa? Quando gostamos de algo, as coisas más parecem menores. E tudo de bom parece maior. Segue os teus sonhos, mas também deves ter um plano B de reserva. O máximo que te pode acontecer é teres que deixar esta paixão como hobby, em vez de ser o teu sustento. Mas antes de tudo, corre atrás do que te interessa.

5. Ética
Nenhum dinheiro do mundo justifica passar por cima dos outros, ou roubar. Não há nada que pague uma consciência limpa e tranquila, sem nada que a atormente à noite. Todo o esforço ético é recompensado. Deixa-te conduzir pela ética e, com certeza, serás mais feliz, mesmo que não sejas absurdamente rico.

Best regards,
Pedro Calado

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The 10 Best Careers Right Now For Recent College Graduates

Some career paths are going to be more beneficial, paying well, with solid career prospects and open to a recent grad. According with Business Insider, these are the 10 Best Careers Right Now For Recent College Graduates:

Best College Grad Career#1 Software Developer – Systems Software
#2 Software Developers – Applications
#3 Market Research Analyst/Marketing Specialist
#4 Accountant/Auditor
#5 Network/Computer Systems Administrator
#6 Elementary School Teacher
#7 Computer Systems Analyst
#8 Management Analyst
#9 Public Relations Specialist
#10 Insurance Sales Agent

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4 Changes That Will Make Your Resume Incredibly Powerful


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As a job seeker, it’s easy to see hiring managers as big, bad obstacles that need to be overcome. They’re the gatekeepers, after all. But, this kind of thinking actually leads to weaker job applications.

Think about it this way: Hiring managers read a ton of resumes—to the point at which their eyes cross. More importantly, hiring managers are just people. With this in mind, the only thing you really need to do to stand out is to have the one resume that actually lets them breathe a sigh of relief during this painful process. Here are four ways you can do just that.

1. Make the First Thing on Your Resume Immediately Relevant

There’s nothing worse for a hiring manager than having to dig through a resume to find what…

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10 Simple Ways to Become a Productivity Dynamo

Simples rules to simplify work, office and organizations


You’re only productive at work three days out of the week. How can you improve that?

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Why Your Cover Letter Is More Important Than Your Résumé

«Today, a résumé scan or quick Google search can seemingly tell you everything you need to know about a job candidate: where they went to school, their work history, any major awards or achievements — the list goes on.» – Business Insider

«(…) a well-written cover letter is more important than an impressive résumé because it reveals your work ethic and attention to detail. It provides glimpses into your personality that a list of achievements can’t. »
«”I would rather have a determined, passionate individual with a strong work ethic on my team than an Ivy League degree without tenacity every single time,” she says. What it comes down to is hard work and dedicationyour résumé might boast impressive accomplishments, but it means nothing if you can’t prove that you’re genuinely passionate about the position

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Heidegger in Silicon Valley: Technology and The Hacker Way

Philosophy for change

Racing-with-machines‘Software is eating the world!’ US tech luminary Marc Andreessen declared in 2009, on the eve of launching his venture capital firm, Andreessen-Horowitz. This extraordinary claim has become the mantra of Silicon Valley startup entrepreneurs, codifying a new philosophy of tech entrepreneurialism and kickstarting a bold new era of ‘creative destruction’. Decoded it means: software engineers are world-builders – so look out! Bored with building apps, games, and websites, the latest generation of tech entrepreneurs are creating social operating systems for the societies and economies of the future. Take the sharing economy startup Airbnb, for example (recipent of $112 million in funding from Andreessen-Horowitz in 2011). Andreessen claims:

Airbnb  makes its money in real estate. But … Airbnb … has much more in common with Facebook or Google or Microsoft or Oracle than with any real estate company. … Airbnb is building a software technology that is equivalent in complexity, power, and importance to an operating…

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What The Best Education Systems Are Doing Right


In South Korea and Finland, it’s not about finding the “right” school.

Fifty years ago, both South Korea and Finland had terrible education systems. Finland was at risk of becoming the economic stepchild of Europe. South Korea was ravaged by civil war. Yet over the past half century, both South Korea and Finland have turned their schools around — and now both countries are hailed internationally for their extremely high educational outcomes. What can other countries learn from these two successful, but diametrically opposed, educational models? Here’s an overview of what South Korea and Finland are doing right.

The Korean model: Grit and hard, hard, hard work.

For millennia, in some parts of Asia, the only way to climb the socioeconomic ladder and find secure work was to take an examination — in which the proctor was a proxy for the emperor, says Marc Tucker, president and CEO of the National Center on…

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15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happier


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By Jeff Hadden

Forget success. Forget fame. Forget fortune.

Happiness is something everyone wants, and wants to feel a lot more often–because where happiness is concerned, too much is never enough.

Unfortunately we all have a hereditary “happiness set point.” That means approximately 50% of our happiness is outside of our control. But that means 50% of our level of happiness is totally within our control.

So even if you’re genetically disposed to be somewhat gloomy, you can still do things to make yourself a lot happier. (Choosing not to do certain things will make you happier, too.)

So doesn’t it make sense to create habits and build a lifestyle that allows you to feel more satisfied and more…

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