Wonderful Computers, Terrible Societies

Computer Tech Bad Society

The Compulsive Explainer

This is the way the world ends – by our things taking over. We get to watch as we slowly fade away. It’s an interesting show – but depressing.

That is probably why most people are unaware that it is happening. Being aware would be too stressful, they think. So they are not aware – of anything. And then wonder why they are vaguely depressed – or seriously depressed. Or suffering from one of a host of mysterious ailments that  no one can understand. But feel certain they are caused by something in the air – that no one can put their finger on.

I do not think this is so mysterious. We have placed all our attention on our wonderful things (our computers) – and not on ourselves. As a result, most people are afraid to be (to attract attention to themselves)- and for that reason, simply do not exist

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