Cut the Crap On Cycling Safety

With all this hypocrisy, whether in terms of giving advice or excusing unsafe or unhelpful infrastructure, is it any wonder that people appear not to heed the advice, or trust the reasoning, or use the infrastructure? Is it any wonder that in some cases people don’t even heed certain laws?

We build stuff that forces people into cycling in ways we say are dangerous, berating them for riding that way whilst berating them for not using the infrastructure, and we wonder why the problems haven’t been solved.Cycling Safety

You can’t repeatedly build crap, repeatedly point out that it’s dangerous, and expect people to use it. Is it so hard to understand?

If you build crap, you get crap safety and crap behaviour — no matter how much you implore people not to use the crap you’ve built. You want to improve safety and compliance? Then cut the crap.

Original Source: Beyond The Kerb

Smartphone app Human draws maps of urban movement

A New Hype

The creators of activity tracking app Human have visualised the routes taken by its users to create moving maps that show the world’s cities throughout the day:



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