LinkedIn: The Differences Between Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Software Engineers

data science

Hey there, today I’m sharing a post from Data Science 101 guest author  entitled Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Software Engineers: The Difference According to LinkedIn.

Here’s his diagram that shows the skills breakdown between the 3 roles:

Ryan states that these roles are still evolving, and nowadays it’s much easier overall to enter the market, «as new tools (like Stitch) make it easy for software developers to set up and maintain data pipelines. Larger companies are pulling data engineers off the software engineering team entirely in lieu of forming a centralized data team where infrastructure and analysis sit together. In some scenarios data scientists are responsible for both data consolidation and analysis».

The author also says that «there is no single dominant path. But we expect this rapid evolution to continue, after all, data certainly isn’t getting any smaller».

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Pedro Calado