The Healthiest Sleeping Positions Infographic

We all know how important the right posture is for your health throughout the day. But did you know that this doesn’t stop once you close your eyes at night?

Which sleeping positions are best, which ones are the sleeping equivalent of walking on your hands? This great infographic lays it all out.

Healthiest Sleeping Positions

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Middle Age in the Digital Age

The Lonely Typewriter

old-peoples-home-63615_640I always assumed that when people got older, they at some point starting feeling like their age. Now that I’m 40, on the verge of turning 41, I still feel like an immature 22-year-old who likes cartoons and laughs at fart jokes.

If I do live to be 70, I still won’t consider myself old, in the same manner in which I don’t currently consider myself middle-aged. I’ve vowed to continue driving fast, never to hold up lines in the grocery store and to refrain from complaining about the thermostat.

I won’t lie: turning 40 really screwed with my head despite my denials as such leading up to that milestone birthday. Now that I’ve had a year to mull this over, it’s not so bad. In fact, I feel like I’m at my peak in so many ways, especially with a career that I truly enjoy, and a revived interest…

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