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O marketing que conhecemos, com suas idiossincrasias e desgovernanças irá acabar logo. Por quê? Porque é antieconômico, porque não gosta de indicadores, porque tem alergia de controle, porque gasta demais, porque tem entregado de menos. Exceções à parte, o que era para ser o motor mercadológico e de inovação das empresas, acabou se especializando em engordar e se entender mais importante do que realmente é.

O mercado demanda mudanças drásticas, impondo a inovação como resposta para este “Novo Marketing”. Essas mudanças para o marketing atual serão conceituais, de expectativas, de estrutura e de orçamento. Ou seja, será mais governança e menos festa! Mais raciocínio e menos energia!

As principais tendências que nortearão a inovação para este Novo Marketing compreendem a fatores ligados a questões econômicas, sociais, de consumo, de tecnologias, mídias, canais e de modelos de negócio, dentre outras. Vejamos algumas das principais:

–  Globalização -> Meta-Concorrência -> Agilidade ->…

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Literature, Ethics, Physics: All In Video Games At This School

Two years before the school opened in 2010, principal Lin Holvik was mandated to build a school for the future, and she focused on creating both the physical and curricular space for teachers to experiment with video games.

Video Games at Norwegian SchoolWe have a sociocultural view of learning,” explained Holvik, “and believe in sharing and constructing knowledge together. We also strongly encourage innovation and believe that freedom to fail should be much more emphasized.” And so fittingly, video games have been used to help foster collaboration and an appreciation for the art of failure.

“We have been well aware of and interested in the potential of games in school for a long time,” Holvik added, describing how video games were part of the school’s DNA.

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A Philosopher’s Mind Trip – Jason Silva

The Atlantic describes futurist and philosopher Jason Silva as “A Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age.A self-professed “wonderjunkie” Silva is the creator of “Shots of Awe,” micro-documentaries that explore creativity, innovation, futurism, technology and the human condition. In this episode, Jason dives into the ritual of experiential design, a visceral practice he uses to spark creativity during a “flow state” in order to reach a deeper awareness.

Can China Become a Leading Global Innovator?


Assembled in China but designed in California, Japan, or Europe.

Thats been the story of Chinas economic rise for the past 30 years.

Few if any of Chinas companies are considered innovative by global standards – and Nobel prizes for science remain frustratingly elusive.

But China wants to be more than the factory of the world and its government knows it has to move on from a “beg, borrow or steal” strategy on innovation if it is to keep growing its economy.

Will it be able to do this?

BBC News – Can China become a leading global innovator?.

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City Leaders and Tech Entrepreneurship

David Cummings on Startups

Nationwide there’s a real push right now among city leaders to brand their region as a tech entrepreneurship hub. Tech has been hot for several years and every city can point to a local success story within the past 24 months. As tech becomes more pervasive and more industries are affected by it, it only makes sense that cities want to capitalize on it.

Here are a few thoughts on why city leaders are so excited about tech entrepreneurship:

  • Cities are either growing or shrinking, so it makes sense to focus on a growth industry
  • The internet provides for amazing distribution, collaboration, and innovation anywhere, so the need to be in a major hub has been greatly diminished
  • The majority of new jobs created over the next 10 years will come from companies that aren’t in existence today
  • Tech jobs are much higher paying than normal jobs
  • Tech entrepreneurs that…

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Tim Berners-Lee’s Campaign for Open Data


Think back: Before Yo, before the cloud, before ubiquitous mobile connectivity, you first interacted with the Internet in your desktop browser. Sir Tim Berners-Lee and others who built the first database of linked information that later became the web haven’t stopped thinking about those early days, and how we can defend the open culture the Internet had then. For Berners-Lee (Watch: Tim Berners-Lee: A Magna Carta for the web) we have to be more than passive consumers: “We can’t just use the web; we have to worry about the underlying structure of the whole thing,” he says in his 2014 talk. That’s why Berners-Lee is focusing on a network of open, linked data. To find out more, explore 12 resources provided by the computer scientist.

1. data.gov.uk

“This began as an initiative back in 2009. Now, data.gov.uk contains more than 9,000 UK government datasets.”

2. data.gov


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Polaroid’s Cube – The Camera That Wants to Take Down GoPro

 Update (July 6, 2015): GoPro releases Hero 4 Session, “a cube-shaped camera that measures less than 1.5 inches long on every side”.
Nice try GoPro.
«$400 for a $130 Hero? Specs similar to a Hero2? GoPro really is losing its edge in the action camera market».
 You can’t deny that GoPro is losing its edge in the action camera market for other low-cost with better price/quality racio than GoPro’s +$300 cameras. Not everyone wants and is able to spend more than $300 on an action camera.

Polaroid recently launched the Cube (August 13, 2014), a block-like video camera with a magnet that clings to any metal surface.

Polaroid CUBE“The $100 camera records 1080p wide-angle videos, uses microSD cards for storage, can record 90 minutes of video on a single charge and can also be mounted on other services, like GoPro’s cameras, with various mounting kits.” –  Leo Sun
Polaroid Cube and Accessories available August 2014.Source: Polaroid.com

See also: GoPro vs. Polaroid’s Cube: Should GoPro Be Worried?
Review: Polaroid Cube, the Cutest Action Camera on Earth

‘Polaroid Cube Mini Lifestyle Action Camera’ Features:

  • 35mm square rubberized body.
  • Built-in Magnets on top and bottom, for stacking and sticking onto any metal surface.
  • Captures video in high-definition 1920×1080 or 1280×720 and images at 6.0MP.
  • Ultra Wide Angle Lens provides 124 degrees of coverage.
  • Supports Micro SD up to 32/64GB.
  • One-Button operation allows for instant accessibility.
  • Built-in Microphone and LED Light.
  • High capacity battery allows for 90 minutes of undisturbed footage.
  • Water Resistance up to 2M and Shockproof features.
  • Color: Black, Blue or Red.
  • Compatible with a complete series of accessories and mounts.

GoPro Vs. Polaroid’s Cube:

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Have Entrepreneurs Lost The Will To Innovate?

There has never been more opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-ups to make positive changes to people’s lives, to disrupt the norm and to innovate.

However, there are a great many challenges facing those who attempt to shake up industries: government regulations, monopolised markets, red tape and dirty tricks from competitors can sometimes make it difficult.

So why is all this getting in the way?
Is innovative disruption as active today as it has ever been?
Is change and true innovation being prevented?
Have entrepreneurs lost the will to innovate?

Check the video with the highlights of Virgin Disruptors on Silicon Valley, gathering an incredible panel of experts debating the question: Have entrepreneurs lost the will to innovate?

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