Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things (Infographic)

How The Internet of Things Will Transform Your Business


Business transformation
Retailers are connecting online and in-store sales by creating customized user offers designed to increase repeat purchases and improve customer retention rates. Transportation companies –  rail and air – are building intelligent systems to improve safety, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency. Manufacturing companies are redesigning plant floors and rethinking existing processes to deliver innovative products and related services with higher customer value – and higher margins.

Changing your business
How can the Internet of Things change your business? Our customers have seen powerful results. Businesses have discovered new revenue streams, realized cost savings and increased customer satisfaction. Red Hat’s open source technology has been instrumental in creating this connected universe of people, things and information.

Red Hat can help
In previous posts, we’ve given you a list of considerations to address during your project design, and we’ve explained why a three-tier architecture makes sense for enterprise IoT…

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The Internet of Things Trillion Dollars Opportunity


The Internet of Things (IoT) is turning out to be bigger than the Internet itself. And with size comes the promise of improved asset utilization, process efficiency, productivity, cost savings and of course, revenues.

Decomposing the Internet of things: A $14.4 Trillion Opportunity.

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How Businesses Should Prepare For Internet Of Things


The IT industry creates new buzzwords every few years and this year everyone is talking about Internet of Things and Internet of Everything.

But what really is the true definition of IoT and what are its constituents? How should businesses prepare?

There are several definitions. But IoT or IoE is really about networks, devices, people and processes – and how these are all getting interconnected. The enabling technologies are mobility, cloud computing, big data analytics and social – a collective term for this is SMAC.

For IoT to be widely accepted and implemented, there are 2 or 3 things that need to happen:

  1. Businesses need to become IoT ready by upgrading its infrastructure, re-engineering processes and business models, and infusing an IoT culture in the organization.
  2. We need to have widely accepted industry standards, compliance, frameworks and protocols, through strong consortiums.
  3. Businesses need to be crystal clear about what they…

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