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We talk about you, you know. Once a month we get the entire service team together and we chat about what sorts of issues we’re resolving and how we can help you better. We don’t just strive to get great scores on our IT support surveys (which is a bonus, because our satisfaction rates are … Continue reading Forgettable Technology: 4 Qualities of Really Great IT| By |Justin Hayman

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É Preciso Inovar o Marketing

Tecnologia & Gestão

O marketing que conhecemos, com suas idiossincrasias e desgovernanças irá acabar logo. Por quê? Porque é antieconômico, porque não gosta de indicadores, porque tem alergia de controle, porque gasta demais, porque tem entregado de menos. Exceções à parte, o que era para ser o motor mercadológico e de inovação das empresas, acabou se especializando em engordar e se entender mais importante do que realmente é.

O mercado demanda mudanças drásticas, impondo a inovação como resposta para este “Novo Marketing”. Essas mudanças para o marketing atual serão conceituais, de expectativas, de estrutura e de orçamento. Ou seja, será mais governança e menos festa! Mais raciocínio e menos energia!

As principais tendências que nortearão a inovação para este Novo Marketing compreendem a fatores ligados a questões econômicas, sociais, de consumo, de tecnologias, mídias, canais e de modelos de negócio, dentre outras. Vejamos algumas das principais:

–  Globalização -> Meta-Concorrência -> Agilidade ->…

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Top 5 IT Resolutions for 2015



2015 is finally here and as most of the corporate world returns to work this week, it’s time for executives to come up with some New Year’s Resolutions of their own. While you’ve no doubt (I hope) already come up with your IT budget for 2015, there are a few housekeeping items that should be on your New Year’s Resolution list for your business when it comes to your technology. Drawing a blank on how to improve your situation in 2015? Here are our top 5 IT resolutions for 2015.

  1. To better monitor and be accountable for the security of IT systems
    Security isn’t just about compliance laws like HIPAA, it’s about protecting the data of your clients and having the peace of mind that comes with expanding technology in the most secure way possible. You don’t want to have to worry about employees accessing e-mail or company data from…

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The 6 Laws Of Customer Experience

Experience Matters

A few weeks ago I introduced the 6 laws of customer experience. Since then, I’ve written posts for each of the six laws. It turns out that these posts have had extremely high readership. So I decided to pull the content together in a mini book: The 6 Laws Of Customer Experience: The Fundamental Truths That Define How Organizations Treat Customers

Since it’s not really a novel (only 11 pages), I’m giving it away for free. Just click on the picture of the cover. You can then print it out or save it to your computer. Go ahead and share this book(let) with as many people as you’d like. Spread the word!

The bottom line: Hopefully this book is worth more than its price.

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How Businesses Should Prepare For Internet Of Things


The IT industry creates new buzzwords every few years and this year everyone is talking about Internet of Things and Internet of Everything.

But what really is the true definition of IoT and what are its constituents? How should businesses prepare?

There are several definitions. But IoT or IoE is really about networks, devices, people and processes – and how these are all getting interconnected. The enabling technologies are mobility, cloud computing, big data analytics and social – a collective term for this is SMAC.

For IoT to be widely accepted and implemented, there are 2 or 3 things that need to happen:

  1. Businesses need to become IoT ready by upgrading its infrastructure, re-engineering processes and business models, and infusing an IoT culture in the organization.
  2. We need to have widely accepted industry standards, compliance, frameworks and protocols, through strong consortiums.
  3. Businesses need to be crystal clear about what they…

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