31 Secrets to Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

Education For Our Generation


I believe its safe to say our generation of youth in secondary schools experience a lack of understanding for respect, discipline, culture, literacy, direction, preparation and guidance. I’m sure people have their own ideas and beliefs within the education system, teaching is a personalised profession. You may choose to be the quiet high expectations type, or the loud assertive type, or just a get the job done to get a nice pay packet at the end of the week.

I can happily say, our current youth have not been brought up to work towards goals. Not to be overly one sided, I speak from a holistic perspective. Many students who attend school have an idea for occupation, or have a goal to work towards tertiary education…Great. I am talking about the other 60-70% of secondary school enrollments. I was laying out my classroom rules, one consequence being “official incident reporting’. Students were…

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City Leaders and Tech Entrepreneurship

David Cummings on Startups

Nationwide there’s a real push right now among city leaders to brand their region as a tech entrepreneurship hub. Tech has been hot for several years and every city can point to a local success story within the past 24 months. As tech becomes more pervasive and more industries are affected by it, it only makes sense that cities want to capitalize on it.

Here are a few thoughts on why city leaders are so excited about tech entrepreneurship:

  • Cities are either growing or shrinking, so it makes sense to focus on a growth industry
  • The internet provides for amazing distribution, collaboration, and innovation anywhere, so the need to be in a major hub has been greatly diminished
  • The majority of new jobs created over the next 10 years will come from companies that aren’t in existence today
  • Tech jobs are much higher paying than normal jobs
  • Tech entrepreneurs that…

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The Future Of Workforce 2020 In The Outsourcing Industry

Logan Dorsey | Blog

Any engagement works because of the relationship established between the outsourcing seeker and the service provider. It is in an essential for a good partnership, not a buyer-vendor engagement, like what most people think. For the most part, the statement holds true. Traditional Outsourcing involved a ten or so year contract together with a true need to make it work. Changing the service provider could mean migrations, extra cost and downtime.

Workforce 2020

Following are some most important predictions for workforce 2020:

  • Scalability and Agility of Cloud Computing:

These days, with the scalability and agility of cloud computing, outsourcing buyers and sellers are growing in the ranks of their respective firms. This resulted to a Workforce 2020 which is weaned on technology, which approaches employment, interactions and life in an entirely new way. Today, with social media as the obvious catalyst for keeping in touch and interacting with a global network, pertinent…

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