Mark Zuckerberg’s 10 Best Quotes Ever

Mark Zuckerbergs Best Quotes


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Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg is a true pioneer in the realm of technology. Time has named him among the top 100 most influential people in the world, and his personal wealth is currently estimated at more than $34 billion. (A portion of that wealth, he just announced, will be dedicated to combating the Ebola virus.) Zuckerberg famously launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room in February 2004. Today, the social network has, on average, over 800 million daily users, and was most recently valued at $200 billion, Time reports.

In honor of the wunderkind’s unprecedented success, here are 10 of his best quotes to inspire entrepreneurs in any industry. (We’ll admit, some of them are just as…

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Reasons Behind Mark Zuckerberg’s 99% CEO Approval Rating

The post was originally published on Quora, in response to “Why does Mark Zuckerberg have a 99% approval rating from his employees?“, apparently referring to a Glassdoor survey in 2013 that found 99% of Facebook’s employees approved of Zuckerberg. This year, that approval rating dropped to 93%, which still makes him one of America’s 10 highest rated CEOs. – Amir Memon, Quora

Amir Memon‘s (iOS software engineer at Facebook) answer:

Because he is just that awesome.

There are several reasons why we “approve” of him:
The story
The principles
The heart
The guts
The wisdom
The trust
The character
The business
The free food and perks

(More about them here: Business Insider)

And, no, having a lower approval rating is not a good thing. People don’t “approve” because they agree with everything, rather they know that they have a say, and that their opinion matters. It’s a good thing to like your boss.

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