Is College a Waste of Time and Money?

“The Power of No” author and podcaster James Altucher explains why college is no longer a good decision.

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5 Lições de Carreira

5 lições de carreira:

1. Criatividade
Para teres uma carreira de sucesso, é necessário que tenhas criatividade. O mercado de trabalho não está fácil. Nem sempre vais conseguir aquele emprego que sempre sonhaste da forma convencional. Além das formas convencionais e menos convencionais, é importante que possas contar com os teus contactos, garantindo que estás a fazer networking da forma correta.

2. Faz o que for necessário
Não estás qualificado para o trabalho? Qualifica-te. O mercado de trabalho é assim mesmo. Não há nada que não esteja ao teu alcance. Muito pode depender dos teus contactos, sorte e influência, mas se não tiveres garra, dificilmente sairás do mesmo lugar. Portanto, nunca te deves sentir limitado. Queres um emprego? Corre atrás.

3. Cuidado com as fofocas
Um simples comentário, uma simples brincadeira podem ser o suficiente para seres despedido. Queres colocar o teu sustento em jogo por causa de uma vontade de contar algo aos outros? segue esta regra em casa ou com os teus amigos. Guarda sempre os segredos que o teu chefe te pediu para guardar e melhora a tua imagem no trabalho: não te envolvass em intrigas.

4. Segue os teus sonhos, mas…
Qual é o maior indicador de sucesso em qualquer área? É a afinidade com ela. Quem poderá ser melhor do que tu se tu tens uma paixão por alguma coisa? Quando gostamos de algo, as coisas más parecem menores. E tudo de bom parece maior. Segue os teus sonhos, mas também deves ter um plano B de reserva. O máximo que te pode acontecer é teres que deixar esta paixão como hobby, em vez de ser o teu sustento. Mas antes de tudo, corre atrás do que te interessa.

5. Ética
Nenhum dinheiro do mundo justifica passar por cima dos outros, ou roubar. Não há nada que pague uma consciência limpa e tranquila, sem nada que a atormente à noite. Todo o esforço ético é recompensado. Deixa-te conduzir pela ética e, com certeza, serás mais feliz, mesmo que não sejas absurdamente rico.

Best regards,
Pedro Calado

Original Source – Universia Portugal

The 5 Ws of Mobile Commerce Optimization


The 5 Ws of Mobile Commerce Optimization image shutterstock 188282693

Everywhere you turn, it seems, people are talking about how understanding context is the most important aspect of building a better web.

No one, though, has captured it as well as Code and Theory’s Dan Gardner, co-founder and executive creative director of the creative agency, and Mike Treff, managing partner of the agency’s product design group, who wrote an article for FastCompany titled “The Next Big Thing in Responsive Design.” (Among other accomplishments, Code and Theory redesigned the LA Times website and Mashable, and created award-winning marketing programs for Burger King, Dr Pepper and Maybelline New York.) Though the whole thing is worth reading, this is the sentence that matters most for our purposes:

“As brands become more publisher-like, they’ll also need to incorporate a responsive philosophy that adapts to the user so that they can reach them at the right time, with the right messaging, and an understanding of…

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Why Losing Your Phone Is Worse Than Losing Your Wallet


There has been a recurring thought concerning mobile phone security that has been on my mind lately, and as I have been discussing it with clients, it is beginning to make me nervous to know that others out there may not be as aware.

It started with this article I read that discusses the lack of support from mobile phone carriers for a ?kill switch? for our smartphones in case they are stolen. Why? Cell phone thefts currently account for 30 to 40 percent of all robberies nationwide, and cost U.S. consumers more than $30 billion in 2012 according to data from the Federal Communications Commission. Wireless carriers are generating a substantial amount of revenue through their insurance programs offered for smartphones. If our phones had a ?kill switch? (a means of completely disabling the phone), then there would be virtually no incentive for criminals to take them. As a result…

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Prevent a Hack on Your ATM PIN

Plato on-line

activistpost-thermo_hack‘You’ve just finished your trip to the grocery store with your debit card, making sure to hide your pin number. But before you get home, the funds in your account are wiped clear. How did this happen?

‘Thanks to an inexpensive and ingenious device that attaches to an iPhone, a new wave of cyber theft allows the holder to commit silent robbery by reading your thermal imprint. There are a variety of ways they can obtain your card number right there or later, but what they really need is your PIN.

‘Mark Rober demonstrates how easy this theft is by actually stealing someone’s PIN in the video below…’

5 Things You Learn About Rich People Working at a Nice Hotel
‘The rich and the famous live lives of unthinkable luxury in their gated homes far away from us commoners. But if you want to peer into their bizarre lives…

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Mobile Advertising Rockets In India, World’s Fastest-growing Smartphone Market

Abogado Aly

Mobile advertising volume in India grew the fastest in the world, climbing a record 260% since July 2013, even as the larger Asia-Pacific region where ad impressions delivery rose 70% this year, emerged the fastest-growing region globally.

from Forbes – Business
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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How Businesses Should Prepare For Internet Of Things


The IT industry creates new buzzwords every few years and this year everyone is talking about Internet of Things and Internet of Everything.

But what really is the true definition of IoT and what are its constituents? How should businesses prepare?

There are several definitions. But IoT or IoE is really about networks, devices, people and processes – and how these are all getting interconnected. The enabling technologies are mobility, cloud computing, big data analytics and social – a collective term for this is SMAC.

For IoT to be widely accepted and implemented, there are 2 or 3 things that need to happen:

  1. Businesses need to become IoT ready by upgrading its infrastructure, re-engineering processes and business models, and infusing an IoT culture in the organization.
  2. We need to have widely accepted industry standards, compliance, frameworks and protocols, through strong consortiums.
  3. Businesses need to be crystal clear about what they…

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How Entrepreneurs Think Differently and You Should Too

Some of the ways Entrepreneurs see the world differently from the average person:
1. They see money as a way to make more money.
2. They have an ability to become intensely focused.
3. They manage to be positive realists.
4. They see obstacles as opportunities.
5. They focus on opportunity cost.
6. They think of ideas beyond their capabilities.
7. They have vision.

Read more about it here: Business Insider

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