The 10 Job Skills You Need



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The world of work—and the world in general—is changing. People are living longer, new technologies are emerging, and we’ve never been more globally connected. That means the skills we use now in the workplace are not necessarily the skills we’ll need in the future.

To get a sense of what skills you might want to start investing your time into developing, check out the infographic below. (Note: It might sound like 2020 is really far into the future, but it’s actually only about five years away.)

Important Work Skills for 2020

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The Future Of Workforce 2020 In The Outsourcing Industry

Logan Dorsey | Blog

Any engagement works because of the relationship established between the outsourcing seeker and the service provider. It is in an essential for a good partnership, not a buyer-vendor engagement, like what most people think. For the most part, the statement holds true. Traditional Outsourcing involved a ten or so year contract together with a true need to make it work. Changing the service provider could mean migrations, extra cost and downtime.

Workforce 2020

Following are some most important predictions for workforce 2020:

  • Scalability and Agility of Cloud Computing:

These days, with the scalability and agility of cloud computing, outsourcing buyers and sellers are growing in the ranks of their respective firms. This resulted to a Workforce 2020 which is weaned on technology, which approaches employment, interactions and life in an entirely new way. Today, with social media as the obvious catalyst for keeping in touch and interacting with a global network, pertinent…

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Big Data Is Changing the Game for Recruiters


There is a human-resources future out there — one in which online resume databases, social media profiles, records of employment, and even scanned business cards and job applications come together to identify the best prospect in a crowd.

Big Data is Changing the Game for Human-Resource Hirers.

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Crucial Job Skills Employers Are Really Looking For


Labor Day offers an opportunity for politicians and economists to offer their two cents on the state of labor. It’s a good bet that some of that commentary will focus on the so-called “skills gap” — the notion that millions of jobs in highly technical fields remain unfilled while millions of Americans without those skills remain unemployed.

The solution according to the pundits? Education and training that focus on technical skills like computer engineering, or on crucial but scarce skills like welding. Match these newly trained employees with open jobs that require those skills and, voila, the skills gap is gone — and the labor market is steadied.

If only it were so simple.

Yes, more American workers need to learn skills that are underrepresented in the labor market. And yes, those technology titans who advocate for more challenging school curricula, for greater funding for science and engineering education and…

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