The Renaissance Unchained

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Have we got the Renaissance wrong? Today I started watching a 4 episode BBC Series (released this February 15th) called “The Renaissance Unchained, in which Waldemar Januszczak challenges the traditional notion of the Renaissance – art’s most important epoch – while showing unknown and breathtaking masterpieces, celebrating material that is new to television.

I’ve just finished watching Episode 1, in which Waldemar challenges the southern ‘myth’ of the Renaissance and showcases the pioneering achievements of the north in a very interesting narration. After that we travel through the invention of oil paints and the superb/genius development of optics and lenses, that allowed artists such as Van Eyck, Memling, Van der Weyden, Cranach, Riemenschneider and Dürer to take art into marvellous new territories.


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5 Modern Da Vinci’s Rules of Success

Da Vinci Walter RussellWalter Russell is the 20th century Renaissance man you’ve probably never heard of, which in his biography shares the 5 rules that allowed him to accomplish so much. Each rule builds on those prior, culminating in the ultimate recipe for genius.

1) Humility – Make your every action in service of others. Ambitions seeking only to serve the self inevitably end in dissatisfaction.

2) Reverence – Become deeply aware that you are an interpreter of universal consciousness. Know that you have the potential to create anything, to co-create INCREDIBLE things, because you are a tool of the Universe, and are ultimately one with everything.
3) Inspiration – Once you are in a place of knowing with your one-ness with the Universe, you need only silence to bring about divine inspiration.
4) Deep Purpose – Inspiration is useless without direction. You must find your ultimate purpose in this life in order to make full use of your new-found knowledge.
5) Joy & Ecstasy – The joy of achieving refuels you with the energy required to carry on to the next achievement. It is by cultivating a deep-seated, untouchable joy that you become able to realize your genius without any interruptions.

The original article (written by Jordan Lejuwaan) is available here.

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