How Technology is Compromising the Human Condition


How Technology is Compromising the Human Condition image alone with our phones1

I see dead people. No, I see zombies. They walk aimlessly down the street and swerve into my lane on the highway. They’re not under the spell of a witch or voodoo overlord; they’re controlled by their smartphones.

I See Zombies Everywhere

Zombies have taken over planet Earth. As I walk past a gym, zombies (in workout clothes) exit. Arm extended, phone in palm, shoulders hunched forward. Forget about making eye contact. These zombies are focused on the latest text, tweet or email. They can’t be bothered by humans.

How Technology is Compromising the Human Condition image texting while driving11When a car swerves briefly into my lane, or when a driver is going 35 MPH in a 70 MPH zone, it’s invariably driven by a zombie: one hand on the wheel, the other holding a phone.

Eyes pointed straight down. Talented zombies use two phones, while steering the car with the backs of their hands.

Visit a restaurant these days…

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Flying Machines are Getting Better, Faster, Stronger, Smarter

Raffaello D’Andrea (TED Talk: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters) stunned the audience with his super agile flying machines at TEDGlobal 2013. In a robot lab built on site, D’Andrea demoed tricks and feats to a hushed but delighted crowd, including a quadcopter that flew around the room with a glass of water perched on top, not spilling a drop. We caught up with D’Andrea to see what he and his tiny, powerful flying machines were up to. Below are three new applications his team has produced in the last year.

What happens when a quadrocopter loses a propeller? NOTHING, THAT’S WHAT

Normally when a quadcopter loses a propeller, it crashes to the ground. In this clip a quad loses a propeller, “realizes” it has lost a propeller, then stabilizes itself. Using physics-based models and mathematical tools, D’Andrea and his team determined that even with the loss of a motor…

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