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How Much Money Do Coders Make?


iOS rules the roost and beats Android, Bay Area coders get paid the most, and Node.js developers are up and coming: This sums up three findings from an analysis I performed on salary survey data collected from thousands of techies around the country by

We pulled in data for a number of major cities on coding salaries, as well as national salaries based on the top seven job descriptions associated with a software language. The languages we covered included iOS, Android, Node.js, Java, Python, .Net and JavaScript. We picked those languages to cover a broad cross-section of IT that focused on ascendant and very popular languages.

Apple vs. Google

Despite the release of Apple’s new Swift coding language, which reduced the difficulty in coding iOS applications, job listings naming iOS requirements were the highest paid positions among the tech jobs covered. The highest mean salary among all the job…

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How Much Money Does a Sociologist Make?

I posted a reblog about How Much Money Do Coders Make? and got curious about my own future profession: Sociologist.
Here are the results:Sociologist Salary

How Much Does a Sociologist Make? by Beth Greenwood (Demand Media)
Salary for Sociologists (Also known as:  Criminologist, Family Sociologist, Penologist, Rural Sociologist, Sociologist, Urban Sociologist)
What Is the Average Salary of a Sociologist?
Beginning Salary of Sociologists by Faizah Imani (Demand Media)

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Big Data Is Changing the Game for Recruiters


There is a human-resources future out there — one in which online resume databases, social media profiles, records of employment, and even scanned business cards and job applications come together to identify the best prospect in a crowd.

Big Data is Changing the Game for Human-Resource Hirers.

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