Invest in Your Network & Your Network Will Invest in You

More than ever, your network is the most valuable asset you have. So then why has “networking” become a dirty word? Why do we envision sleazy conference goers or slick salesmen when we think of networking?

In this 99U Talk (after his famous TED Talk) – a concept very similar to TED on talks, mission and agendaJoshua Klein, hacker, author and internationally known technology expert who studies systems, from computer networks and institutions to consumer hardware, shares how technology and growing “black markets” are optimizing our world for relationships. But building authentic relationships takes work. As a result, we need to be generous with our talents and time and invest in those around us (and then they’ll invest in us). Think of your customers as actual people and think of your product in the term of the relationship it creates. Because it will be your customers that become your next investor, your next employee, and your next opportunity. Humanize your work and the “networking” will follow.

Don’t be afraid of sharing”, “my projects would not have existed if I didn’t shoot my mouth off at anyone who would listen”. – Joshua Klein