Apple Watch – What’s In Store For Your Wrist


Since its dramatic appearance at the hyped Apple event Tuesday, Apple Watch has been the topic of countless articles. Its looks, technology, uses and features have been discussed, dissected, dissed and praised in equal measures.

And Kudos to Apple! As usual, they have launched a product that has immense potential. From Apple fanboys to fashionistas, the watch has got them talking.

What is fascinating about the Watch? Here is why people will love it.

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The Watch, the look:

Any wearable, to be successful has to appeal aesthetically. And the Apple Watch has it pat down. Available in three different varieties ? Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Edition watch, each has features designed to appeal to the individual personality of the user. The Edition watches have a case crafted from 18-karat gold with a display that is protected by polished sapphire crystal. The Sport collection cases are made…

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Formula E, Carbon Free

The first carbon free, fully-electric racing championship is held in Beijing. In Formula E, you get two drivers, and two racecars.
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The Pain of Sports & Football Fans

Does a sports fan really suffers with its team?

For The Sun newspaper, it does, because of the love that people bear their clubs, despair felt anywhere and anytime by fans with the defeats/goosebumps or just bad luck, at least in their new campaign.

The advertising film of The Sun newspaper, “We Feel Football” shows the passion of the fans, who may have ups and downs, at a time when we approach the start of the Premier League.

The campaign, created by advertising agency Grey London, is narrated to the music “Love Hurts” by the Scottish rock band Nazareth.

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Subwing – Changing Water-sports and Letting You Fly Underwater

Check out the Subwing, a new water-sport craze that’s taking things under the surface is sweeping across Europe.

The Subwing is a 4ft carbon-fibre ‘wing’ that you hold onto in the flying position while being dragged through the waters by a speedboat.

Riding the Subwing will make you feel like you’re flying underwater and gives the rider a sense of dolphin-like freedom”. – Westgård

With only “22 years old, Sivertsen’s Subwing has come into its own and is spreading across the water-sports world. “Riders are towed behind a boat and have the ability to spin, turn and dive almost anywhere,” says Director of Subwing, Mats Westgård.
It’s said that it requires ‘little or no practice’ and using the Subwing is quite intuitive. Tilting the wings right or left allows for dramatic dives, lateral ricochets, and exhilarating corkscrew spins”. – Interesting Engineering

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