Inventor Asks Children For Ideas For Inventions And Makes Them A Reality

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«Each individual experiences the world from their own unique perspective» and «seeing things from a child’s point of view can change everything».
The famous British designer Dominic Wilcox took this into account when he asked children throughout the United Kingdom to think of invention ideas, and when these children’s inventions started coming in, Dominic decided to pick some of the best ones and actually get them manufactured. After they were made, he invited the children to come and explain their inventions.

Dominic explained that “instead of just putting the drawings on the fridge door as most adults do with a child’s drawings, why not push the ideas as far as they can go? Taking the power of children’s imaginations seriously and see where it leads to.”

Here they are a couple of those, some are pretty ingenious:

British designer asks children for ideas for an invention. Then he makes them reality !

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