Your Smartphone Is Leaking Your Information via Wi-Fi

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This talk was given at a TEDx event by Bram Bonné, a PhD student in computer science at the Expertise Centre for Digital Media at Hasselt University, where he specializes in computer security and privacy. During his PhD, he developed an interest in privacy-sensitive information leaking from smartphones and laptops. At TEDxGhent 2014, he will scare you by showing the information that is available to anyone willing to listen. But don’t worry, he will also explain what you can do to prevent privacy-sensitive information from leaking.

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Simple Ways to Safely Use Free Public Wi-Fi


Ways to Safely Use Free Public Wi Fi Despite the Risks image Free Public Wi Fi

Free public Wi-Fi is becoming more and more common these days. A lot of cities and towns across the globe already have it. Governments in a lot of countries like Greece and others are already planning to offer free Wi-Fi for the whole country. Besides, a few countries are also hoping that offering free public Wi-Fi can help enhance their economy. Beyond all these, it surely feels great for a person to use this free service. But there’s something more to it.

Is free Wi-Fi completely safe?

That’s one of the basic questions that you need to ask before going for any free public Wi-Fi service. And it is quite obvious that the skepticism will remain. People will feel a bit hesitant to use free public Wi-Fi.

What are the Worst Things that Can Happen?

Using a free public Wi-Fi can be dangerous at times. It can result in…

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