Get in Shape Using 6 Psychology Research Tricks

1) Change What’s Visible
You don’t have to throw all that tasty junk food in the trash. But you do have to make sure it’s not sitting out, calling to you all day.
2) Change What’s Reachable
Make eating more food a hassle.
3) Plan Ahead
The skinny people at the buffet looked at everything, made a plan and then grabbed their food. The heavy people just dove right in.
4) Slow Down
The heavy people at the buffet chewed 12 times per mouthful. The skinny people chewed an average of 15 times. Research shows eating slower gives time for the “fullness” signal to kick in.
5) Variety Is Not The Spice Of Weight Loss
This is one of the reasons we overeat at buffets: we want to try everythingGive people three options and they eat 23% more than if they only had one choice.

Microsoft Band vs. Apple Watch vs. Jawbone Up vs. Fitbit Surge

With so many options on the market, it’s difficult to tell which wearable is the best.
Here’s how the 4 biggest names in fitness tracking stack up:
Capabilities: Winner – Microsoft Band (until Apple is actually in the game)
Price: Winner – Jawbone Up ($130)
Looks: Winner – Apple Watch
Compatibility: Winner – Microsoft Band
Durability: Winner – Apple Watch (at least some models have sapphire crystal watch faces, a material supposed to be hard and scratch proof)
Battery Life: Winner – Jawbone Up
Smarts: Winner – Jawbone Up

Find the Best Fitness Tracker

What Does Apple Have Planned for Wearable Tech?


It’s Apple event time once again, starting at 10am PT Tuesday. Kevin and I will be covering the event live from the Flint Center for the Performing Arts at DeAnza College in Cupertino, just a few miles from Apple’s headquarters, and we invite you to hang out with us tomorrow.

This is probably going to be a big one: sure, there will be new iPhones, but the real interest is in Apple’s approach to wearable computing, which we’ll finally get a sense of with the demonstration of what we’re still going to call the iWatch for at least another day. [company]Apple[/company] is using the site of two very important events in company history — the original Macintosh launch in 1984 and the iMac launch in 1998 — for this event, and it’s even building some sort of multi-story structure on the campus as part of its preparation.

As we await…

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